Help & Advice on laying

Help & Advice on laying

Recommendations for installation

Before gluing the products in place, position them dry so as to asses the cuts that need to be made.
Fix the product using professional tile adhesive.
For floorings greater than 16 m2 we recommend alternating the installation of product between all the pallets ordered.

The product must be fixed using the special plaster we provide, and any excess removed immediately. Each individual product is subject to tolerance 4 mm.
If installation has been performed prior to completion of the pool, we recommend that the product be covered to avoid any damage, since if not sanded or impermeabilised, they may absorb any form of dirt.

Product maintenance

We strongly recommend the use of stain removing and revitalising products which guarantee the beauty of your surfaces over time.
The cleaning of smooth products with high pressure water jets and/or aggressive chemical products is not recommended;
Carobbio S.r.l. cannot assume any responsibility for damage caused as a result of their application.

Salt must not be used to prevent ice formation or to remove ice from surfaces and edges.
Upon opening the packaging, some items may show slight surface haloing due to internal humidity.

For the appearance of the product to be uniform, a maturation period of at least six months is required.

Installation material

adhesive – coloured filler – waterproofing products – detergents for cleaning – cleaners for after installation – epoxy resin.
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Our products are conglomerates of natural aggregates and coloured pigments, and hence we cannot give any guarantees on colour uniformity between different
batches. The sand-blasting may not be consistent in batches supplied at different times. It should be pointed out that certain items may appear to have whitish halos (efflorescence) due to calcium hydroxide on the surface reacting with atmospheric CO2. If rapid removal is desired, wash the product with a 5-10% solution of
hydrochloric acid in water, distributing it evenly with a sweeping brush and rinsing it off thoroughly with copious amounts of water. In this regard, precisely because efflorescence is a natural phenomenon which disappears over time, the supplier will not consider any complaints arising in relation to this.
It is recommended 1 mm distance between each element.
For a possible complaint, it is advisable to check the condition of the product
before installation. In any case, the guarantee is restricted to just replace defective, not installed product, and does not cover the installation.

Rockpool Warnigs

The presence of hair cracks on the panels does not modify the structural characteristics of the product. In order to assure the correct assembly of the panels Rock Pool, we require that you provide pictures of the different stages of the installation. in the absence of photographic evidence the product warranty will expire.

Our products contain organic oxides subject to discoloration, due to Uv rays actions.
It is recommended to protect products with water-repellent to slow the progressive loss of tone.